Still life with lemon 2016 oil on canvas 30x30cm  "Euphaedra mechanicus"2015 oil on canvas 30x30cm  "Here and Beyond" 50x35cm oil on canvas  DSC07840  DSC07838  DSC07842  "The great tits" 2015 oil on canvas 30x30cm  "Oh Shit!" 2015 oil on canvas 25x25cm  Deja Vu oil on canvas 50x70cm  "Roitelet" oil on canvas 18x18cm  DSC05074  Still life with an apple 2014 oil on canvas 30x30cm  Trompe l'oeil with European Crested Tit 2014 oil on canvas 30x30cm  "Still life with eggplant" 2014 oil on canvas 30x30cm  DSC05081  "Worm" 2014 oil on panel 7x7cm  "Composition with an apple" 2014, oil on canvas 50x50cm  "Time Travelers" 2014 oil on panel 30x30cm  Urban still life 2014 oil on canvas 25/25cm  "Urban Still life" oil on canvas 25x25cm  "Beyond" 2014 oil on canvas 20/20cm  "Spring messenger" 2014 oil on canvas  "Time travelers" 2014 oil on canvas 20x20cm  b0njour  "Untitled" 2014 oil on canvas 35/27cm  DSC02662small  DSC021651  Harmonie, 2013, oil on panel,102 x102cm2  Imagined reality 61 x 61cm oil on canvas  1185051_598632026846344_183293208_n  king of the neigbourhood 1  "The nest" 2013 oil on canvas 22x22cm  "Balance" 2013, oil on canvas, 40x35cm  "Composition with mango" oil on canvas, 50/40cm    "The Saint" oil on panel, 12x8cm      oil on panel  "At sunset" 2013, oil on panel  King of the neighbourhood 2, 2013, oil on panel, 18x18cm  "Summer memory" 2013, oil on panel , 18x28cm  "Still alive"2013 oil on panel,12x8cm  "Study after Rembrandt" oil on panel 8x12cm  Tangerine dream 40x40cm oil on canvassmall   "Soap bubble" oil on panel 10x10cm    150448_518350308207850_1839084922_n      "The young talant" 2012 oil on panel  "Still life" 2012 oil on canvas 61x61cm                          Metamorphosis 2012, oil on hardboard, 10x10cm      Unlock the secret         "Soul Mirror" 2011 oil on panel 20x19cm                          behind the scene 2010 oil on canvas 41x33cm    hard to buff oil on canvas 33x24cm    "From the streets" 2010 oil on canvas 35x27cm on canvas                        Poppy Seedpod oil on panel 12x8cm